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Project Overview

Our dedicated team at MindFull Technologies OÜ developed and launched Kidu Life, an ambitious venture aiming to redefine the way people discover and book experiences worldwide.


Kidu Life envisioned a platform that:

  • » Goes beyond traditional experience booking platforms, offering unique and diverse activities.
  • » Provides users with a seamless and intuitive booking experience.
  • » Connects enthusiasts from all over the world to local experiences, ensuring authenticity.

However, the challenge lay in creating a platform that could cater to a global audience while maintaining the essence of local experiences.

Our Solution

We embarked on the development of a comprehensive online platform:

  • User-Centered Design: Crafting an interface that resonates with users, making the discovery of experiences a joy.
  • Global Integration: Ensuring that the platform could cater to a worldwide audience, offering diverse experiences from various cultures.


  • » Anticipation Build-Up: Even before its official launch, Kidu Life has generated significant buzz, with many eagerly awaiting its beta version.
  • » Diverse Partnerships: Collaborations with local experience providers from different parts of the world, ensuring a rich repository of offerings.
  • » User Engagement: The platform's teaser has led to a substantial number of sign-ups, indicating strong user interest.

The upcoming launch of Kidu Life is not just about a new platform; it's about redefining how people connect with experiences, cultures, and each other. Our project, Kidu Life, underscores our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions.

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